Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket


I was convicted of a sex offense in 2014. I have maintained my innocence from day 1 in regards to the sexual offense i was also convicted of willful injury and DA which i take full responsibility for. I received a nickel and 2 deuces ran concurrently. Cut that nickel in half for good time and take another yr off for time served. When i was transfered to the treatment facility another 2 months had gone by taking my time until discharge to about 8 months. Upon being placed in treatment i asked how long it lasted and was told close to 2yrs. On top of that my sentencing order says i am not to be released until i complete domestic classes. So i was going to be incarcerated yrs beyond my discharge date. Then i was hit with a bombshell either admit to the crime or be kicked out of treatment. So i was kicked out of treatment. Which started the process of them taking away all goodtime. Those 8 months i had left turned into 4yrs. I was released in nov 2017 because of a supreme court ruling. Now I’m under a special sentence. I refused to sign documents where it clearly states u have the right to refuse the services listed herein so i didn’t sign them. My P.O. filed a violation against me. I ended up losing my job and almost my apt. The offense i was convicted of was against an adult 27yrs old. I have 3 kids and can’t see them because i have a condition in my parole that says i can’t be around minors without consent from my P.O. also i must produce a birth certificate for my kids even though i pay child support for all my kids comes right out my check. Now there’s only 2 ways i know of to force child support either u signed the birth certificate or had a DNA test done either way the fact that i pay child support should be enough. On top of that my P.O. gives sole discretion to the mothers of my kids in regards to me seeing my kids. So if they say no i can’t. I believe that’s for family courts to decide. I have researched this problem with invalid parole conditions which i have about 7 of. And when shown case after case where courts have ruled hey u can’t do that i still receive resistance. I get labeled as argumentative and uncooperative when I’m only stating facts and fighting for what’s right my revocation hearing has been going on for close to a yr. That’s unheard of judge says it herself. Upon my lawyers subpoena for my entire file inculding assessments the state refused stating there’s information in there that could possibly harm me mentally smh. The judge granted my lawyers request. Upon review of my file i found false info and out right lies used in assessing my risk level. Which caused me to score high risk. I have been out since nov 2017 been employed the whole time except for a few months when i lost my job because of this bogus violation. I have my own place just finished school and received certification in welding. I’m trying to move forward with my life. The dept of corrections creed is to successfully integrate offenders back into the community. I guess that’s only for certain offenders because those who have to deal with this are ostracized ,banished. I can’t even be around my own family because everyone has kids. How can u possibly form new healthy relationships which is paramount to successful reintegration.