Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


Did you ever take that trip over to your local cop shop with a copy of that memo? This response you got from the MDOC person is pretty telling…They’re toeing the party line about it being only for the six original plaintiffs but they put out this memo anyway….this tells me they know they are going to LOSE! Why would you let every police agency in the state have to try to interpret the law on their own? Cases are being thrown in this state already based on this ruling I have noticed a big difference in how things have been handled by my local law enforcement. As I have previously stated, I did not receive my yearly compliance visit after my first verification visit this year….they also no longer have a real police officer doing the registrations at the cop shop…they have passed the job on to cadets…like you said Bobby, I may just bring a copy of the memo and hand it to the little officer-in-training and see what his reaction will be…Hang in there people because October isn’t that far away and I’m more optimistic then I have been in years….