Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”


Cecilia DuVall

This web page has helped us deal with the effects of the sex offender registry. I found it by chance, by searching the internet, and it has awakened hope in our family. My son who is 34 was charges with a sex offense and put on the registry has caused a lot of grief for all of us. He lives with us and his two adult sisters, and we have all felt the stigma of a sex offender’s punishment. What most authors of the states’ sex offender registries don’t take into consideration is the affect on families. In my son’s case his case did not involve force, violence, or rape, but he was put on a level 3. The loss of dignity and privacy have kept him in a state of depression and he can’t sleep with sleeping pills. My faith and hope for a better future for him have been aided by NARSOL. I will become a member and contributor. Thank you.