Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”

Cecilia DuVall

I am the Mother of an accused sex offender, and I say accused because there are so many aspects of his case that I am no allowed to disclose, but I can state that no violence, force, rape, or sex was involved. I can say my son is a good person who made a bad mistake. He is 34 years old and has never even been on a date and has never had sexual relations (yes, he’s still a virgin). But, because of our outdated justice system where sex offenders are concerned, there is no justice. My son has been placed on level 3. He has been chastised and demeaned at his probation office, yelled at, sat for an hour in the office, then was told, “Oh, your probation officer won’t be in today. My son is diabetic and went to the office straight from his overnight job, had not taken his shot, thank God, but was feeling pretty light headed. Do you think they were concerned? Not in the least. Let me tell you, if he had taken his shot and not been able to eat, they would have had a medical emergency on their hands. Also, the case of the LRPD staffer who sent out an email that “sex offenders should be shot” is another example of how backward the law enforcement system is here.
Thank you for this web sight. My son lives with us still, and even if he didn’t this whole registry thing has affected our whole family. One vicious young lady, a disgruntled former dance student at my daughter’s dance studio, where my son took dance classes, found his mug shot and posted it on Facebook, and it was all downhill for my daughter after that, and she eventually had to close the Studio. This student, believe it or not, is the granddaughter of a prominent Court of Appeals Judge, whose wife sold the Studio to my daughter. That was the beginning of our family’s nightmare, and my son’s, of course. We were all blacklisted and friends began to disappear. To this day, parents who used to welcome us with open arms now avoid us. When will the authors of this incredibly life altering registry realize what they are doing to the families of men and women who are simply trying to turn their lives around? Thank you for this web sight and thank you for giving me some sense of hope.