Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I’m not sure when pa began their registry, I know co was in 02, I was scooped up in 03 and I was a ten year, whatever version he was under is expired due to sorna 12/20/2012 because none had a saving clause as Terry has said many times, sorna was the fix all law and the general assembly assumed they could do the expostfacto and get away with it, if your friend was a 10 year then he she should be due relief, I’m not a lawyer obviously but from everything I have learned in the past two years, as long as he didn’t have any new sex related crimes, I know Act 10 says all this bs but Act 10 means nothing to a pre sorna who’s done or over done their time on the reg, as long as they can fight prose or get a (reputable) attorney, I emphasize reputable because these other non ml attorneys can’t do it, they will take your money and leave you broke, I know from experience but I caught on quick and Terry saw that I had a bad lawyer first, my X attorney was in bed with the DA, but I assume as long as no new crimes happened in between and he she’s in compliance and they weren’t in jail, not sure about probation, then relief should be there.