Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


The cost of speaking good or speaking out of convicted sex offender. I’m still wondering who is the offender when lets say one has no victim or who is the offender with a filthy mouth or someone might abused this or that person. I wonder if government still offends with words and deeds. Believe it or not we all offend in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be sex which seems to be the common norm on here. I’m glad for these women on here that stand up for their son’s or daughters and these men that stand up for justice in all this.
Now Sandy does a good job at keeping communications going about these dilemma’s that all of us are going thru. I don’t even understand some of this myself and one has to wonder who’s breaking the golden rule today. Sure we can all get mad at someone. Some may agree with us or not but we all have feelings of guilt at times , even guilt’s that were laid upon us unjustly. While it seems people don’t want to forgive, let alone will hardly speak for the one on the registry, that is why its so much more important to speak out for Justice and not some watered down justice. Even school systems about kids with these offenses are a bit bias.

I still think someone once said the truth will set you free. Sure NARSOL and the team are plugging in their for true justice but we all have hurdles and obstacles in the way at times. So a lot of us on here should not give up the ship.