Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”


Tim Lawver

All registrants addresses are already available to me via SOR itself. I’d hand carry it to every registrant in the U.S. And any significant other who ‘d sign it. Every registrant in my town knows who I am, because I’ve been in contact face to face.
The general warrant was disembodied in the 1700s and brought back by the Mister.
Let us not confuse who owns the plantation and who runs it.
SOR agents act as waggon masters. Plantations had slaves to be sure but lots of hired men too. Slaves brought the commodity to the waggon, hired men took the commodity to market.
It was\is the hired man who chased down runaway slaves and NOT the plantation owner master. Know your history pal!I

The DATABASE is a far more serious threat to national security than the sex offender!