Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

obvious answers

@rpsa abq NO sad fact is..charge doesnt matter.accusation on registry so you can be found and taunted matters..charge? naw….you had consensual sex with someone who lied?,you were on your honeymoon and got frisky with your wife on a public beach at 3 am thinking you were alone? ,you clicked on a cia/fbi ran child porn site on accident,trying to access your bank that is one letter different?,you raped someone?,you molested someone?,you both are 17 and had consensual sex but as minors your a guy so must hang?,you told a naughty sex joke someone over heard and didnt like?,,they are all plenty reason to never be allowed to be a human again and to join the crowd as a “sex offender’ for life…. SO now it doesnt matter..all are treated equally wrong.. That is why it was wrong to allow the government to intact the criminal registry in the first place.. As one of the judges later aptly noted: We (the courts) gave you (the state) the authority to skirt the law under the promise you would use discretion,it was for the best interest,and you wouldn’t abuse it..We see now those premises were sorely unfounded as you (the state) can not be trusted.