Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


I have unfortunately been a witness to this tragedy called civil commitment in Massachusetts. I was even looked at by two QE”s psychologists that determine if you are a sexually dangerous person. This whole law is wrong and a sham. To lock someone up for up to the rest of their lives for something you “might” do in the future is unlawful and unconstitutional no matter how you slice it. I had a statuary rape charge over 20 years ago and yet it is still being used against me to put me in prison. I seen guys who were not dangerous at all getting cought up and committed in this evil scheme. Where’s their crystal ball to tell them what someone is going to do in the future? No one can predict what someone may do in the future so how can the state lock them up for something they think they might do! It’s crazy and predigest. To say those men are not in prison is a big fat lie! It’s just name changing so the courts can get away with it. It’s not a prison, it a hospital and they are not prisoners, they are patients. But they are locked up in cells, eat the same food and buy the same canteen. Treated the same as any other prisoners. The only they they get different is forced treatment groups that are evidence gathering sessions to try to keep these civilly committed men locked up. How can you get any benefits from doing treatment where you can’t be honest and open or it will be used against you, to keep you committed or charge you with a new crime. I’ve seen it happen to people.