Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program


These comments on here are good on here in referrence to your letter that you wrote Sandy. I would think the important thing is the discrimination factor of all sex offenders. Is the sex offender some new age slavery? Even the method that some law enforcementsgo to via a computer in a pretend copacity of instilling on one they are teenagers to lure by cunning means one into this trap. Sure two wrongs don’t make a right but to the law officer their thinking seems to over shaddow those.

Duping those in a lot of this con game is unethical as it leaves the one caught up in this endeavor helpless not mention the burden and expense one has to go thru, whether its prison or probation. Also the life time of registry, the discrimination, the public notification. Those factors can dehumanize one. That wasn’t the way life was meant to be. Now you made a choice Sandy with this letter and it does speak volumes if they listen and understand and people today need to listen and have some compassion and understanding before they interfeer in other people’s lives with a lot of this sex registry matter.