Reply To: Helping Florida’s sex offenders: “Somebody has to do it.”


Florida sex offender registry also posts your information FOR LIFE if you just visit Florida! I made a one-time mistake of engaging a “14-year old” in an ADULT chat room. It was a sting operation and there was no child involved. I am not on the public registry in my own state and have been off probation for 7.5 years (at the urging of the probation department in my state)……..but I visited Florida for 5 days to see family for the holidays a few years ago and now my picture and information is publicly shown on the FDLE website forever. I never lived in Florida, have never been arrested in Florida and haven’t been back to Florida. Yet FDLE gets to post my information forever and I have no way to get my information removed.

Also, neither the police nor the Sex Offender Registry in my own state were aware that Florida posted my information. I became aware because my daughter’s elementary school district discovered the Florida posting — and I received a letter from the school district saying I was banned from my daughter’s school. I can’t attend any of her school functions.