Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Bill Cosby is fighting SVP I knew that, maybe he is after the entire registry, and he definitely has the cash to, wander how much cash J Walsh has, wander if he has more then Cosby, I dought it because Cosby been on tv sense Fabit Albert, before I was born probably. Yea that is weird that they haven’t passed it, I believe Wolf did sign thr bill though, I saw something on the superior courts website while doing a search last week and saw Act 29 in there but I don’t see any language in the 1952 act 10 bills, yea that would be the final straw, that’s for sure, So I wander why when J wash admitted on national TV that’s he dated an under age girl and had absolutely 0 ramifications. So you have Cosby who has been charged and then you have Wash who was never even thought of being charged even though he admitted to doing.