Reply To: Illinois appeals court finds sex offender registration requirement too harsh


While everybody has pitfalls in life this ia a bit of good news for all. Its about time someone in Government wakes up. Now NARSOL does present the good and the bad of the registry news about these sex offender ordeals, and also at the same times gives moral understanding to those that follow these articles via internet and those that give comments and feedback. Yes the real action happens in court hearings in front of an audience.

We all can talk about due process but when one is swayed into a plea dea or bargain with these sex ordeals, that is not true justice. I wonder what is set in stone today. We could even use some principals from George Washington these days. While I like so many others will agree that these restrictions are a bit overbearing and punitive in themself It is time we all stand up for folks in America that are on these registries from these precarious ordeals.

The article that is posted is good in a way for those people wrapped up in various types of sexual encounters. While I listened to the argument even I was a bit confused at times but like they say all’s well that ends well. And yes their are certain or perticular cases for appeal but one has to know what they are doing or getting into before the appeal and have a very good defense.

NARSOL is helping and we do have to appreciate all efforts from these organizations. Like it was said before on here before NARSOL doesnt’ just take any case. While NARSOL gives insight to those involved in these matters, help, and guidance, in the end its all about true justice whether one wants to use Christian principals or not. I will have to agree with the article as it is posted for that state. In the end a lot of this unjust sex registration stuff is wrong even the internet types of entanglements. I just wonder who’s ordained to do true justice today with so many other things happening in America.