Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

Mark Noonan

What this is is over reacting. They label men and boys with the worst because they are terrified that they’ll be sued if the make a mistake. So it’s f**** THEM ALL and who cares they were convicted of Rape or sexual assault. They use the one size fits all. I mean A 16 Year Old Boy had sex with a girl who is 15 and the Consent age is 16. He’s charged with Statatory Rape regardless that he was only a year older. So he’s convicted labeled a Sex Offender and has to register as such for ten years. Wait, the Sex Offender Laws were meant to stop and punish PREDATORY SEX OFFENDERS. Not some poor 16 Year Old who has no idea what they did was illegal. He or others like him are not predators. Just a boy who made a mistake.