Reply To: A case of unchecked prosecutorial abuse


Whatsitaboutism must be a new word in the dictionary today. I wonder about these sex offender ordeals today. Would one say its about sex with a supposed teenage girl via an internet computer hook up. (Just the facts ma’am as sargent friday would say).

Is all this prosecutorial witch hunt, DOJ witch hunt, or facts based witch hunt. Now facts are facts but I wonder who’s hiding the real truth or cover-up. Even the preamble of the Constitution is so white washed today. Its basically man controling man today when someone gets wrapped up in all this type of ordeal
Sure evil comes in every color and even from those who supose to protect and serve. Even a duputy in Texas killed himself in jail over a physical encounter with a child, so really nobody’s prone to evil. I wonder if we repay evil for evil today or in these registry cases who is doing the evil with the actual internet enticement or the actual physical ordeal. Or should we all say Liar, Liar, pants on fire. I guess we are always disappointed when a liars pants don’t catch fire. I wonder if Christian principals are down the drain. I’m sure one also wonders who was directing the commission of a crime in a lot of this sexual enticement.

Sure its a crime in talking to an underaged girl. It is not a crime to go into an adult chatroom. I wonder if two wrongs make a right anymore.