Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


@ Mark
Is your file still “pending review?” I asked them how long will it take to finish all the reviews and they said they don’t even know. Doesn’t sound like they are putting their best efforts on the case.
I hear in Michigan they are still refusing to honor the SCOTUS Cert denial. It will all catch up to them sooner or later. If I was on the Supreme Court I would say, “you don’t want to follow the guidelines we gave you? That’s Ok, you don’t have to because your registry is now illegal for ALL. “
We shall overcome my friends. 10 years ago no way a county judge would have ruled Act 10 illegal. I keep thinking of the scene on My Cousin Vinny where Al Pacino says “Everything that guy said is sh**” That is how I feel about their argument.