Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

Timothy DA Lawver

I’ve thought about Dr. Phil, or Springer or another TV show to confront my accuser and her mother. But alas such notions for me are based in revenge; the very purpose IMO of the accusation in the first case. This would make me just like her, a vindictive human. Indeed she, the mom, disavowed vindictiveness as motive in her testimony at 92 trial. My attorney did not peruse the issue; his defense strategy was based on lack of real evidence. I wanted him to put Beth Sh###man on the stand. She knew I was in her company around the time of the crime. She lived in Illinios, some distance from the crime scene in WI. My attorney said the case was very weak and therefore her testimony was unnecessary. I gave serious thought to changing attorney, but he already had my 10 K deposit + retainer. Thinking back now, he asked me for more cash during the same meeting. That should have raised a red flag, but I was naive… I think.

I still consider your idea sound in the macro, big picture sense. This group would benefit from the exposure. MAKEUP!!!!