Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


Civil commitment? Sandy I’ve wanted to commit myself a long time ago as life is tough enough at times but we all press on. Now I am glad as a lot of others that NARSOL is against civil commitment for those on the sex registry. Life time commitment is bad enough for even some marriages if one wants to think about it that way. One has to wonder about does the punishment fit the crime.

Sure when we do wrong one can’t blame anyone but themself but when being enticed or provoked like some of this internet stuff works that is a bit different and actually there was no crime ,unless it was on the part of the operator of this whole ordeal. Sure everyone has a sexual nature. Are authorities taking advantage of this and covering there actions up with public safeth. Maybe we should talk about safety belt law’s or go to more extreme measures such as Civil commitment.

Should the black man have been whipped in the old days by their masters or was that some cruel and unusual punishment or a form of ownership. Wow, I’m glad that Linclon freed the slaves. So where does it all end or is this sex offender thing some new way of ownership of one’s property Civil commitment can make slaves out of anyone or is sex the power ingredient that needs to be abolished by those in law enforcement that are no different from the next person. I wonder what government is ordained today to make that civil commitment on another.