Reply To: Deregistration Process in CO and Can They Do That?


Deregristration, interesting? I would guess if one wants to go with a secular view of this whole matter, than sure they can do anything they want to mankind because they are ordrained or authorized to do that by Secular people, and I don’t think they would want to disappoint the people.

Now I’m sure everyone has their view’s on deregistration. Even laws from each state different so who’s pulling some wool over someone. Sometimes I wonder if this country still has principals.
Sire NARSOL is working the best they can and yes some of the comments on here one has to take with a grain of salt but in the end who justify’s who. Hasn’t man wanted to dominate man with man’s government? Sure I would hate to see anyone locked up falsely or not be able to apply for deregulation to even get off this sex registry.

A lot of these ordeals are fishy and for the first timer that has never been in jail or court an epsode such as this is tramic for some. Right now I am debating to appeal my case even though I took a plea deal or was persuaded with that choice if you want to call it that as it wasn’t my decision as I wanted to speak out but I was not prepared and believe me this is more than a governmental civil issue of a pre planned plot issue and we all should take that into account depending on the circumstances involved.

And Jim OC this is a perfect platform to speak out in these types of situations to american government. If thats the case than Rm.13 allows them to do anything they want or does it? Even obeying an ordiance is good but even that can be a bit underhanded all in the efforts to protect public safety in many cases. As far as deregulation I hope they start deregulating some of these laws so people can get a chance for deregistration or is it a rape type process to strip one of all rights and discriminate one no matter what color or race you are.