Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry

Tim Lawver

@Josh, Bobby, all y’all
Forgiven! I’ve felt the hopelessness myself. Yea I’m in the boat, we’re all in the boat SO or not! I’m just saying TRIAL is an option, for everyone registered. The reason our founders made trial by jury a right IS precisely exemplified by SORNA. THEY KNEW it would come to it ;when CONSTITUTIONAL law making ( not could) but WOULD break down because of financial corruption. They knew damn well it would break down cause they knew the golden rule THEM WITH THE GOLD MAKE THE RULES. King George was a greedy prick and frequently changed the rules mid-game, and always ALWAYS!!!! to the disadvantage to those already committed ( to the colonies) not the convicted.

Same thing here right… always to states advantage = manifest injustice. So for the fathers that meant they had to have an EFFECTIVE means to address corruption problems they KNEW would come. The trial right was but one, the right to call witnesses was another. Subpoena power (reserved for kings prior) was given to charged persons. I’d use it to put Paul Ryan SOHOR on the stand. Thus a citizen under felony indictment, a defendant , was given A KINGS POWER! In short, they threw every trick in the bag of tricks for the defendant. I MEAN EVERY TRICK! WHY because THEY KNEW, just like this group knows… It gets darn corrupted at times.
They new when gov’t to intolerable a man could take his cause to the people themselves… A jury of peers.
Thus another rule prohibiting ex post laws, even civil ex post laws was ratified under Art 1sec10 ‘Congress shall make NO ex post facto laws increasing the punishment…’ Surely you know they (state) put one over with Sorna, Mr. John Paul Stevens knew it too! But he only had one vote. Other than that he was powerless EXCEPT he wrote an outright decent; he stated, “…mboth necessary AND sufficient condition to include those predisposed” That’s a polite judges speak for BULLSHIT MOTHER FU$%&RS. Isn’t that exactly what NARSOL is saying too? Yep only in a polite way. Trial is the middle ground between politeness and war.

Opting for trial in not for everyone, I admit that. There are indeed risks, but for this registrant IT HAS COME TO THAT. We are making headway in the federal courts on ex post grounds, Carr, Packingham, and this is good but I fear the larger implications that such a regime as SORNA is destroying the American fabric. Our founders also saw the ex post prohibition as a “canary in a coal mine.” They understood the people, whomever they were, would not remain whole by such actions! There is manifest injustice in using that type of law, besides the are ineffectiveness AND inefficiency, and a nation of free men could not survive for long had they been used. There is still more of a dark side. We can’t tell who is the good guy or decent guy from those whom are evil or untollerable. Most folk think ALL registrants the latter right? And do they ban, bar or otherwise impose their own brand of affirmative disability by not hiring, renting to, selling to… AND worse yet act in a vigilante manner, justifying assault, arson and murder. ARE WE SEEING ALL OF THE negative aspects from the use? ABSOLUTELY. What does all this ,taken altogether, say about the state of things? Still most folks just really don’t care, not because they are immoral, but rather they are distracted by the day to day. Tho propaganda has played a role too. Machiavelli was right on the money.
Look around are we actually a safer nation? NO! We got school shooters on the regular, multiple shootings daily etc etc etc. IT IS BAD, but politicos continue to APPEAR to be doing everything possible to maintain their positions.

In 1992 I was convicted of 1ct, 1degree sex assault child under 13. I demanded trial. I know now, and then I’m not capable of such. I didn’t do it but she had her say, pointed me out, jury decided. Took less than a whole day. A month later Judge gave me 60 months. I was furious and dumbstruck. The very night before I was set to ship to Waupon, the mother of the girl came to my house to apologize. Quite a scene! I did 2\3 as per law. That worked out to 1210 days. Mostly in OGCC. I think I got more time because I demanded trial. But a man should not plea if he’s not really guilty, some plea anyway. I could not do so. If a person has been assaulted they must have their say because to me that is most important for them.
Our founders must have understood that too but I’ve no proof.
Which brings me to my final point here. Even if you think I’m just lying, you only need to know that DNA exoneration are a real thing. While no such was used in my case DNA has lead to exoneration of others. That begs a seriously dark question.

I suspect it’s the same folks who dreamed up SORNA. And I’m not talking about congress. I am left with only one conclusion; AN ELITE WITH A DATABASE. It’s not paranoia it’s Orwell, Machiavelli, Asimov, Kant, Smith, Shakespeare. I do not read, I devour!
I am well versed in computer and database, I’ve said why in other posts. From the start I was taught what a database can do AND what it CANNOT do. A database cannot predict the future. That is what Congress claimed in Whetterling act BEHOLD WE HAVE PREDICTED THE FUTURE OF THESE INDIVIDUALS, they will assault again thus we must do this. Bull it’s about how they wanted to utilize database infrastructure.This is the “something else is afoot” one justice’s noted during the AK processing in the 9th. The case originated under the name Debartellio. d knows better than me I’m sure. I found his ONCEFALLEN in 99 I think.
He does public protests, which is better than trial, IMHO but he’s mostly alone in that effort. We’d need all to show to make a dent but this is not logistically plausible. Most registrants just wanna put it behind them.
State ain’t having that so I’m ready to bear the cross in a public trial anytime NARSOL is ready. Not for you SOBs, myself or family neither, for humanity!
HN>MN=null & not the reverse.

Anyway I’ve had my say and I appreciate yours.