Reply To: A case of unchecked prosecutorial abuse



Do you ever get the feeling that some of this sex romp or internet abuse or this physical sexual abuse is like some “Up in smoke” cheech and chong movie being played out for real. Sometimes I wonder who’s stoned today? Is it Maestro, myself, those that are caught up with this registry business, or everyday people. Now a new twist prosecutor abuse or cover-up however one wants to call it. I wonder what fake news is today when it comes out of one’s mouth or a Presidents mouth.

I wonder if we all are still judging others because they drink beer or don’t know how to sip tea right. Courtesy is Courtesy or is belching out of line today.

Now Truth isn’t Truth from what one lawyer was saying. Believe that was said by Trumps attorney. Sort of like me saying it is what it is until it is what it ain’t to my probation officer. Talk about the city of brother-le-love or a nation of brother-le-love. Talk about labeling. Talk about born into trouble. Now I never wanted to be labeled a chior boy as I think labeling is a scoruge and discriminating or should one go back to watching roots the N-word slander, which is disgrsaceful in itself, or should we call a gay a gay, even a mexican a rapists. I think progranda has to many avenue’s when live is at times a struggle enough.
I don’t even think anyone today would want to be in government. Or should we go labeling everybody that gets into trouble and take away their rights to even be people or is government better a bit above autority. It all comes down to moral values and not some tricky dicky hi-jinks that government pulls. I wonder if the civil war was a choice or a decision. Even good battleplans have to have good decision that one should make, and yes there is a dfference between choice and decision.

Sure I’m appauld just like everybody else on here. See government does everything to protect their own, their way. Guess they been listening to Frank Sanatra to long or the rat pack. If one doesn’t agree with Trump they are on the streets the next day.. I wonder who’s using the sword in vain today?