Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case

Tim L

Great post!
What judge describes here is exactly my beef with JJ Roberts. He had to know when contemplating AK v Doe that he was not putting all of the facts to the Rehnquist court. HE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN!
BUT like many unscrupulous prosecutors he hid the facts. Wrongful convictions occur by the same means. DNA comes up missing, or an inconvenient report(s) get lost, etc. I give my schwantz to get a peak at his stock port folio. IMHO the AK case was hand picked precisely because Alaska could not in good faith and consciousness force the AK registered to be required ” to show up in person”. Just plain not possible when folks live in the bush like they do in Alaska. You follow? Conn DPS cases are dime per dozen.
Any thoughts?