Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


Ok Timothy I don’t want to sound off but please give me the liberty to speak and defend Sandy and NARSOL. And no I don’t want to disrespect anyone. I don’t even want to disrespect Maestro or Brenda Jones. So listen and understand. Seems everybody wants to be right well thats mankind for you. Obvious answers is te only one that came close to the best answer and even Maestro came up with a good answer but he didn’t really understand himself or what the bible was really about. I hope we are all still trying to help each other out. Isn’t that what a group or organization is all about.

Now lets go with that little pharse that I said and actually I didn’t finish the pharse and actally , obvious answers took it as to mean, my thoughts are not your thoughts. neither are my ways your ways, “declears the lord” as the heaven’s are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts, and that my friend was taken from Isiah in the bible.

Sure it is not about religion as Brenda Jones said, as religon could be any man-made religon you want to make, but it is about the gospel. Now if you still want to talk about sex we can talk about being fruitful and multyplying without eating the fruit. Maybe you folks should be reading your true Creators word. Now this nation is under Grace thru Jesus Christ.

And I do still believe we do have hypocrites like Maestro, myself and a few others pointed out a few months ago. Now Sandy, Robin, Fred, and the others on the board of NARSOL are doing the best they can while it seems everybody on here wants to go in circles. So I would fear God before anybody else. Speak up for this as courts are taking a lot of this out of christian context. And Timothy I think myself and a lot of us need to apologize to Sandy and Narsol staff. And remember I’m nobody but with God we are somebody. And yes we all show respect when respect is due.