Reply To: NC COA: Satellite based monitoring unreasonable without evidence it works


Am an ass, rude even. Yes! The record. 101 the most important first, always this way. Let me digress a bit. Take Connecticut DPS.Joe blow plead \date files 1983 due process\date, case over. Rest all fluff, minutiae, assuming arguendo blahblahblan.

DA up against something hard ( An immovable fact) in the record. Can you Identity it? This a 4th review U.S.&S or WS&S but not a Terry Stop. So consider search, via device, is it singular or plural? at least in part, and “reasonable” standard. An important clue lay In the pathology of his offence to witt IN HIS HOME. Note the phrase immediate after majority identifies the desenter’s beef… Can you it pick out?
So are they ( the majority) actually relying on II? Not completely.
In a normal case ( Not SO) it’d die. DEAD FISH IF POT CHARGE. He may opt for decent to save face, but he knows it’s done. He may also try a work around. Was there a remand…no? So that’s out too. IMHO

Anyway sorry for butting.