Reply To: A case of unchecked prosecutorial abuse

Michael McKay
Michael McKay


To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe anyone deserves the bullcrap that comes with being on a registry. I suppose my rhetorical technique of asking why this guy isn’t on it isn’t an actual statement of support for the registry in any form, for anyone… It’s a way of pointing out that our judicial system operates on the elitist assumption that the registry (and prisons, and executions, etc, etc) are for the “little people”… the riff-raff… the poor…. the disadvantaged. The moment the entitled classes in our country begin to suspect that THEY might be subject to the same cruel and unusual punishments as the rest of us, I think you’ll see the laws go *poof* and be overturned by the courts… and suddenly the political movers & shakers will all claim they were all against it the whole time.

People need to be reminded – Live by the sword, die by the sword. Take a look at Asia Argento right now. What goes around comes around. Bank on it.