Reply To: Deregistration Process in CO and Can They Do That?


I am 75, single and lonely in Virginia. I will get off of probation in 18 more years. I want to find a mate or wife. My new P.O. has told me that before I can date anybody (even for first time), the woman must first go to talk with my P.O. According to the (signed) boilerplate list of restrictions, the document only says that before a relationship gets serious, I must tell the woman of my crime.
I have been on probation for more than 3 years without any major problems except I left home one day and forgot my GPS belt-clip device. I was at church with witnesses as to where I was.
Can the P.O. effectively prevent me from dating because of her undocumented requirement? It is my opinion that the P.O. should want me to have a legal mate for my sexual needs.