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Priests are friends

Thank you very much to all the Priests that have done a tremendous work or making PA and the U.S. the center of attention to sex ordeals. Because of such people and theirs acts, legislators across the country are on the way to more legislation and “civil punishment” for everyone except, the real dangerous criminals that have been doing what they have been doing for decades and will see no jail, registry or real justice applied to them. …and NO, being fired from your job is not the punishment I refer to! This goes all the way to the top and many more, perhaps even the Pope(s) is involved fondling/coercing/abusing kids and adults alike and/or have turned a blind eye to this forever since the founding of that institution. Plenty of evidence and books and anecdotes available thru centuries to prove it! But, now let us forgive them right?
I am neither a praying man/woman nor a forgiving one anymore either! Eye for an Eye, I say!!! Fire with Fire, I say!!! Of course, what does it matter what I say!!!…Lmao at everything and everyone in this forsaken World! Just waiting for the man with the dark cape and Scythe to get me with its touch and to pay the ferryman for transport with no gold or silver pieces, but with a criminal record I should never have had!

There is no hope, period! It will be the gas chambers or worst (and there is worst for sure!!!) soon!!! I will be waiting alone and ready. Lol…Lmao very loud while typing!!! “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” there is no more genuine respect or support for it, but there is surely lots of domestic enemies aren’t there??? I wish no harm to anyone yet, many want harm to me and mine so, what is a man/woman to do then?

Push for law change to follow priest abuse report

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania lawmakers are promising action on bills to change state law now that a grand jury has released a report on child sexual abuse by priests and others in six of the state’s Roman Catholic dioceses.

Democrats and Republicans are pushing for bills to eliminate time limits on prosecution and civil lawsuits in child sexual abuse cases, but there are major differences that, in years past, have prevented those bills from becoming law.

The statute of limitations for prosecution of child sex crimes currently expires when the victim turns 50.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati has introduced Senate Bill 261 to eliminate the time limit. House Majority Leader Dave Reed praised the bill Tuesday and said, “we expect to schedule Senate Bill 261 for a vote in the fall.”

Berks County Democratic Rep. Mark Rozzi, who was sexually abused by a priest as a boy, is against the bill because it would apply only to new criminal cases.

“I didn’t support it last session, won’t support it this session,” Rozzi said. “It’s a very weak bill.”

Rozzi’s proposal, House Bill 612, would provide a two-year window in which older victims could sue abusers and institutions after the time limit on civil cases expired. The law currently gives child sex abuse victims 12 years to sue once they turn 18.

“That two-year window of opportunity must be in the legislation or I will block it from moving forward,” Rozzi said.

House Judiciary Chair Ron Marsico has introduced bills eliminating the statute of limitations in the past, but he’s been against any retroactivity, saying such a provision “would simply give false hopes to victims because it would later be declared unconstitutional by the courts.”

“These representatives and senators who are pretending to be Supreme Court justices need to stop and let the courts do their job,” Rozzi said.