Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

Larry Neely

Thanks Jim for the comment. You may not know that we have discussed IML on at least two conference calls this year. We discussed IML exclusively on our March 14th NARSOL In Action call and we had a segment on IML again on the July 19th NARSOL In Action call. On that call we let folks know that the second lawsuit had been dismissed and discussed NARSOL’s long-range strategy. We have repeatedly provided information regarding the cancellation of passports and relevant travel advice. In addition, we have provided updates in our newsletter.

NARSOL’s legal team has constantly stated that the courts are unlikely to be our savior on this particular issue and we have reported that as well. NARSOL’s most recent statement made it clear that a lawsuit by NARSOL is not imminent and we stated we are evaluating a narrowly-focused challenge on the 21-Day Advance Notice requirement.

Please let us know what additional information would be helpful.