Reply To: Looking for insurance? Don’t go here


Daniel Silverman

It’s not just people on the registry, but anyone with a record of any kind … even if that person with a record is not the primary account holder (i.e. a spouse, a child, etc.). Most likely the people who are on the registry and are currently doing business with USAA have just not been discovered yet. USAA has a policy of not doing business with anyone with a record. So, if it is discovered you have a record, your accounts will be cancelled.

What I don’t get is how this can be legal? Isn’t this, at its base, a form of discrimination? What does my record have to do with my car insurance, for example? Unless I was arrested for a DUI or reckless driving, why should they care? Doesn’t this, in effect, open the door for a company to legally discriminate (deny service) for other reasons, too?