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Christina A

I can’t understand how my sister’s husband can get out of prison from Oregon Robert Elam and abscond to New Mexico Albuquerque and because Oregon doesn’t want to pay to send him back even though he has absconded 2 X. New Mexico refused his Interstate transfer and he absconded to New Mexico anyways he was sent back was in jail for a short time and absconded back to New Mexico yes he’s registered here because I stayed on them the Sheriff’s Department. However I don’t understand how this man can continually harass me with physical threats and authorities know that he has absconded from Oregon was still several years of probation left to serve but can come to New Mexico and between New Mexico and Oregon not have to be accountable for his actions. He has stated many times that he has no restrictions here in New Mexico that he can be around children teenagers or whatever and it’s not a problem how can you Mexico and Oregon put our children In Harm’s Way because of budget issues. In other words you’re saying that if you commit a crime in one state and abscond to another state that you’re no longer responsible for your actions in another state what kind of example is that giving criminals in general. Robert Elam thinks that he is the law and pretty much he’s getting away with it he couldn’t pass a polygraph test to even get a chance for an interstate transport on the Oregon side of the system this is so backwards and twisted I don’t understand it one bit