Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

Tim L

What you describe, working without established administrative rules. IS exactly why I call it missionary work. Missionary works does not utilize admin rule, it isn’t needed because it is an act of perusing morality. Project Angle Watch is housed WHERE IT IS, And and it is no coincidence.

Let me adjust my tin foil hat and go one small step forward. The Mormon church absolutely recognised the make up of the Rehnquist court: 7 Catholics & 2 Jews.
We’re they rightly concerned about the future of their folks, beleifs. Damn right they were rightly concerned. You’d have to look far and wide before you’d find more fastidious record keepers than the Mormon church. I’m not forcing an attack upon the church, I got no real problems with missionary work until it becomes a problem for the nation. MS-13, Study the history of EL Salvador and the picture develops quickly.