Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


No matter the method of categorization, People as a whole don’t understand sexual misconduct unless their in the identity. Therefore, only things we don’t understand, we find offensive. Sex drive is natural, and normal, however, people use it in various methods of gratification. Marrying and having children is “normal”. But, age, circumstance, and perception is the determining factor that makes sex a crime. What is sad is all the people that see sex as wrong must ask themselves.. Where did I come from? The sad truth is we all come from sex. So, when anyone commits sex in any form, is he or she a sex offender? That is the crime we are talking about. Right! Taking advantage of someone in any form is a crime. That is the real crime. Putting anyone on a registry is stupid. No one can show how any registry has saved anyone from being taken advantage of sexually, mentally, morally, or ethically. Registries are nonsense that does absolutely nothing to benefit the people who created it, support it or PAY FOR IT! If it does, Take my challenge: Prove it saved anyone from being taken advantage of or “sexually assaulted”. The person here had a career they worked for, and achieved greatness and success with the society who supported this person. How in the hell does sexual misconduct have anything to do with their career or what they can do for society or themselves morally and ethically in any way. This is another sad story, and it makes me sick to see a nation as brilliant as we really are to hold witch hunts in 2018.