Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

Jim Smith

I can appreciate some frustration as one who has donated a decent amount to the fund and has not seen any action. For many of us, every day that passes under IML hinders out ability to work and provide for our families. I also do appreciate making sure any lawsuits are done correctly. So I will not be asking for my contribution back, but will be holding off any further contributions until some action is taken, at which time I am willing to provide additional funds, even significantly larger than what I have provide in the past.

One recommendation would be to manage people’s expectations with increased communications on the IML issue. I have not heard anything about IML from NARSOL in many months, so does not feel like anything is being done on the issue. I do not use NARSOL to get updates on IML, ACSOL has daily updates from people on the topic.