Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”


Should sex offenders be shot. If one offends or abuses little children, an adult should be punished. isn’t that what punishment is all about correction or should we all go back to medievil days.. Locking up someone is ok if its a just punishment and all types of situations are more of a way for governments to overthrow man. One can call them cover-ups such as one of the paticular churchs demonations that has been in recent news and TV. While I wonder if the regular sex offender can go to church today. From what I hear after they finish their parole or probation. Even the monitoring was a type of a leash if one wants to call it plus one has to pay for it.

That is not to say that all are sex offenders on the registry in certain circumstances are scum of the earth or that they should be shot. Everybody should think better of themself on here and keep a positive attitude. I know some of you all on here feel bad enough with some of your ordeals. Sure its not easy to be on probation for some. If one really wanted to talk about a sex offender one needs to have a bit of understanding or real principal.

Are we still a nation under God and Maestro if you would give me the pleasure tell me who we are under that would be nice. Now we all have reason to try to understand why the sex offender is the scourage of the nation it seems or should we all just throw our lves away. I sometimes wonder why people have divorces and its usually the woman that takes everything. Idon’t even see why people don’t even compromise but leave it up to the sheriff to interviene.

Now Sandy did good for NARSOL by writing this letter and speaking out. I’m sure any person that has morals today would speak out in a positive way. Has our whole court systems gone to supreme authority in this blood for blood system of sex vendification or isn’t even the public aware of this or should one leave all affairs up to Government as they are never wrong wheather republican or demoncrat.