Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact

Tim Lawver

@ C N, Connecticut DPS could not have logically applied to me. I was by no means similarly situated. I had not waived, nor could state post admission. and NOI filed June 8, 92. One may not appeal that which he knows not of. All penalties from trial outcome are fodder for direct OR indirect appeal including the civil. Fact is SO treated me as though I had waived BOTH ……like the plead out had done. WAS O.J. SIMPSON PERMITTED DEFENSE AGAINST THE CIVIL? YES! ME, NO!

For me the questions becomes; whom benefits from forging felons from those not? Who would do both?
The answers unfathomable just like the senator said when I asked him why he voted no omnibus. I’ve always wondered if that impacted why he lost in next cycle. My fishing buddy, his boy, said he took it real hard. For them getting elected is everything. He tells me all the time shut up and fish even bought me a shirt saying