Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case

Tim Lawver

For me it’s simple
1) Creator
2) Humanity
3) Self
You post about 1,2 a lot but not much about 3.
Is three Not worth mentioning in the concrete opposed the abstract? Can, in your estimation, a man like me @ others gain from such disclosure?
This is TBD, however I already know what I’d possibly learn from such is far more valuable than any DATA fleshed from a database such as SOR. All the people cannot extricate themselves from the embodiment of the device, as us;is them. They merely have not yet internalized it. Shiny bells and whistles are inherently attractions to man the animal, like martens to feathered snare.Truth told, immediately upon discovering fire; man burned man. (Pardon me feminists maybe it more accurately put, man burned woman) I digress.

Anonymous speech Saddles has its rightful place to be sure, but never a placebo for ego. Thus J.C. never partook of it with good reason. More secular reason relies on the free speech notion to append the anonymous but this neglects the implementation of delta, that is to affect change. Anonymous speech questions change, while public speech makes it happen. Indeed this is the crux of opting for trial in FTR cases. This org has yet to embrace the notion, it’s a scary beast.