Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


Is one talking about choices, intent, or principals when speaking out about being a sex offender. Should we believe everybody or just try and learn somemething about oneself. Isn’t that what NARSOL is doing in helping others learn about themself and also about this sex offender ordeal or should we all go back to sex treatment classes and get A plus’s or pay to the piper.

You know we all learn lessons, I’ve even learned a lot on here myself but one has to wonder if anybody has learned anything. Yes Brenda Jones was right when (Sandy) the Ma Barker of bank robberies todays, ( just kidding ). While Sandy and Maestro said, Brenda Jones doesn’t want us to talk about religion, I was wondering what she meant. Than Maestro was talking about the Old Testament, and at the same time telling telling it like it is like some vienna boys chior. Even I don’t understand why Robin had to spend several years in lock-up. Notice I didn’t say prison.

Sure we can all get to the state of Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome over this ordeal. On here some people are talking about castration, dehuminization and other negative aspects and listening to these people and the outcrys of others, it’s a bit much. Sheriff’s are saying we dont’ want sex offenders in our county, but nobody has given a good answer to what is a sex offender is, or for that matter what is an offender. Guess we could go to the dictionary but that wouldn’t help in each segment of people’s lives. Sure we all should be aware of abuse. Now if a child actually says abuse than thats abuse plain and simple
Should one say who is our spell checker today, some governmental “Maxwell Smart”moderator or Moral perfectionist, or one that comes up with the right answer, or the one with the wisdom to know the difference or the one hiding something or should we all just say some serenity prayer and get it over with. Should we say just lock’em up, castrate ithem or should we all have negative attitudes.

So who wants to be right on here or does anybody have a clue to a lot of this ravishness by government athorities, Could it be the individuals fault? Should we all say I’m glad they have a sex registry or is the registry really the punishment, or should we all say abolish it all together, that the time is at end in this governmental money laundering non effective effort. Government is their for a purpose to and that is to protect. Leave prevention to Smokey the bear and parents, but honestly goes a long ways. I wonder who has wisdom and understanding today in this rush, rush, computer world today.