Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


@Sunland Registrant

Have you provided this research you speak of to a respectable, unbiased journalist (or several) as well as politicians’s offices and the public in your community? Because it reads like a great many of these folks in positions of authority need to have badges stripped, removed from positions of authority and properly investigated and charged and convicted for conspiracy to get citizens to commit a crime and various other crimes against the public including perjury. After that they need to be placed in a dangerous law enforcement/politicians predators’ list as well. I ask your forgiveness in advance, but If you have not done any of these, you are part of the problem. Posting it here in NARSOL is not going to get noticed by the ignoramus public that does not come here to educate themselves about such matters. And LEO’s know better, but well… a major percentage just do not care! There are just puppets to the system that feeds/pays them. As many military service man/woman are when serving in many overseas “humanitarian operations”.