Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices

Timothy D.A. Lawver

Mary D,

Honestly I love the fact you are here posting. For me (not a member) the fact you are even here gives me hope for our nation. This IS the cutting edge. What I mean by that is this; the issues discussed \hashed out\ and expressed are ultra- important. Why? Because we must find a way to live together without destroying one another. So far we’re still a nation but many a nation has done and gone, history proves that to the Nth. We are a young nation just starting puberty at age 242 years. An so we suffer the same as young teens do, finding our identity and place in the world, discovering our sexuality etc. Liberty itself is at stake and on trial here everyday 24\7. If we’re are to be a nation who touts freedom as an intrinsic need of human, than this website MUST BE part of that rightful defense. As The Most Honorable Justice John Paul Stevens so eloquently stated, “It no liberty at stake; Who would complain?” Ok maybe a actually paraphrased him some but you get my point.

Before I digress to far into romantic notions of individual freedom, back to Galen.
Ok, state took a crack at him for CC, he beat it. How did he do so in your estimation? In your opinion who failed to do their job? I presume CC in his state is done so by jury; did the jury fail their peers, society, in rendering there decision?
I’m an intuitive person and I’ve got the feeling his case is personal for you. I wonder if your emotional attachment has invaded reason. I mean we got school shooters on the regular now, murdering mother f#$%rs everywhere, gang violence galore, drug addiction, and more. It’s dissolving or devolving right before our eyes our society and few have any real idea to stop it. ARE YOU SURE, he’s the type of guy we should throw away the keys on? Larry Nasser is now locked up for 200 years; ma’am are you really AFRAID of that guy? In my honest estimation ONLY a coward could be afraid of Nasser. IMHO Michigan does its tax payer a disservice by its actions. Sure they feel good but at what cost? That is the problem with crying Wolf to often.