Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

obvious answers

Maestro If you are talking about the story I posted Sandy knows me well,and is an awesome lady, and she is speaking correctly. It has been posted.
Also Mr Steven Youder after investigating them and interviewing me did some wonderful articles on some of the struggles I have mentioned here.
Saddles, I agree with much you post but as you have said at some junctions my thoughts are not your thoughts as well. We all have different crosses to bear, we all wear different scars and stripes and we all have walked through different fires that have tempered us to whom we are..
In the end I dont think it is so much an importance that we all agree on everything, or even maybe that we agree on anything. Really the only true successful thing anything does if give those of us who will never again be members of society at least the small solace that we are not completely isolated and alone..some where someone else is suffering to and is a brother and sister in the pain.
Will anything ever change for the better? If we review history the only hope of change that is positive is if the society that currently plys for the castration,death,torture,subjugation,dehumanization,and burning of anyone who wears the scarlet S decides it has someone it hates and wants to torment more.. While many contenders (muslims,terrorists,illegals,catholic priests,drug dealers,and congress)have offered to become more despised, and thus wear the crown of thorns, the news media has been doggedly determined that the scarlet S alone should hold the position in society’s twisted desire for now and have been propagating it will thus remain.
Sorry I cant be more positive?