Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


Todd, Josh, jason, and Bobby

Our founders gave citizens the right to trial, to call witnesses in defence. Stop complaining and EXERCISE those rights by demanding trial in FTR cases. If you want the courts to act then make them! Opt for trial.

Every man I’ve seen to win a sex case did so by defending himself. IMHO the very second I chose a lawyer to defend me I’d already lost. If any of you guys are Ex post then you are able to put ” the law itself” on display! Ex post facto laws ON THEIR FACE applied to persons predisposed ( already convicted). It is right there in black and white. Any lawmaker can point one out since they are easily recognized as such. There is the opportunity to expose the law as Ex post to the jury.

Have the guts to challenge it via the direct scrutiny trial offers you. Remember SCOTUS did NOT deny the Ex post wording, in fact they outright acknowledged it.
They merely said it wasn’t punitive or punishment!

Imagine the IMPACT upon an American jury when your witness is forced to admit – as they must by definition – that you’re being compelled by an Ex post facto law.

This my friends is the difference between intermediate scrutiny and strict scrutiny
Best of luck to you all.