Reply To: NC COA: Satellite based monitoring unreasonable without evidence it works


I’m glad someone spoke up for monitoring devices although I’m on probation I didn’t have to wear a monitoring device. I even wonder why at times but we are not paid to think. Its those rocket scientist and those space age people. At times I even wonder aboutr the Constitution.

I just wonder today what is the over reaching theme of this sex offender plight. For man to go on these adult chat sites to strive or provoke one into some suggestive ordeal to trap or are should one just put a computer chip in our brains at birth. which I’m sure would be unconstitutional.

Now the NARSOL team did good in NC but knowing man they have ways. Reminds me of that Burkhalter on hogans hero’s.. we’ve got ways. So who’s the spy in the sex offender ordeal in a lot of this situation. Sure the monitoring thing does no good which anyone with common sense could say that or should we tell law enforcement “who’s consience” is guiding you to protect inaminant objects such as teenage girls or to protray teenage girls in this so called justifyable money laundering.

One could look at the sex treatment issue the same way. So who’s instilling the idea of the crime to make it a suedo crive or is government pulling the wool over everybody’s eye’s. Got to watch those sheep in wools clothings or is this all a bit too cold for some.