Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Also something to keep in mind guys:

Those who are getting jammed up for visiting another state without registering were arrested for a different situation. First, they broke the law and THEN they said hey you didn’t register.
Be responsible. Call first to find out what the rules are. Also, if you are traveling through, like through Pa from Ny to get to Maryland you do NOT have to register. As long as you can prove you only stayed overnight and have business in another state like a motel reservation. They stop you from traveling . Spending one night in a motel is NoT considered “visiting” as long you can prove you had no intention in staying more than one night. Also, driving for several hrs then stopping just to start driving and stop again after several hours in the same state is considered traveling as long as you can prove your Orginal desintstion was outside the state.