Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Don’t be afraid to travel my brother. If you are passing through they can’t touch you. Even if you are visiting they usually let you stay a couple of days before you have to register. What they are trying to do is stop people from claiming I don’t have to register here because I am just visiting when in fact they are living on the couch.
I have been to Alabama, Viriginia, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, New Jersey to name a few within this calendar year and never had a problem as long as I call first and check out what the rules are. The worse The worse I have see is you can only stay 3 days.
They will appreciate you taking the extra effort and finding out before you leave bs you saying “oh I didn’t know” when you have police contact.

Don’t be afraid to call. Find out where you are traveling to and call the local police Dept. They will set you on the right path. I even moved from Pa to Ny and BACK to Pa all while on the registry.
There will ALWAYS be people that will judge you simply because you are “a sex offender” but law enforcement appreciates the fact you are trying to be responsible.