Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


There is a time for every matter and every work. So who wants Justice when some don’t even know what justice is? I agree with Sandy and fellow members of NARSOL. There is a time to speak out and a time for silence.

Obvious answers – you may have given a good answer to the pretend righteous. Should we go with a Trump cliche, I’ve got my bible and he’s waving it to the american people. Righteousness is Justice and they are one in the same. I know you said pretend righteous and I would have to agree to that.
Now my thoughts are not your thoughts. While I could go on with that I’m sure it would be boring to many that want to justify some of these encounters we go thru. Sure is it better to just forget about this and stay silent or press on for true meaning for all or in that matter, justice for all in the right way.

Sandy this is a unique article for a good stance purposes. I was noticing the comments on here and that obvious guys answer stuck out plus some of the mothers cries for justice. I even wonder about all this oppression today that government seems to make with a lot of races and bia’s endeavors.