Reply To: Looking for insurance? Don’t go here

Tim L

I’ve tried to make it more obvious who we’re up against. The IMC Eisenhower understood and expressed concern about are not always readily apparent at first glance. They are a conglomerate of firms. They have an agenda. Protection of liberty is not on it. Right and wrong are absent too.They took us to Iraq. Michael Moore pointed out the FACT that none in Congress had skin in the game save one. He was made V.P. One wiff of tainted perfume did his boy in. So our country’s enemies can see who they are even if Americans themselves remain blissfully ignorant. Politically speaking they really play both sides. They reward those who play ball and quickly dump and discredit those who refuse. (See D. Petraeus) D.P. was a nay vote in a certain panel established to make choices about drone use.
He had to go before that vote. The good ole boys burned him BUT in the end DP got the girl. For frat boys like these that is a consolation win. The hero always gets the girl, disgraced or not. Take it for what it’s worth — One 94 B.