Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


This is the type of story that needs to be nationally published, with emphasis on how our “innocent minors who can do no wrong” manage to find their way into an ADULT establishment – a bar!
Does anyone remember Traci Lords? The 15 yr old porn star who produced a FAKE ID to the porn company she went to work for. Yeah. She’s living the high life even today. But what about the men who were duped by HER choice to pretend to be a grown up?

Although I’d like to see the registry done away with, I’d also like to hear what the legislators, prosecutors and judges have to say when asked how an issue of consensual sex with a lying “minor” is the same as the issue that happened to Megan Kanka. How is the public being “saved” from the big bad wolf in this regard?

That’s what needs to be nationally published in a magazine article with a DECENT publication that’s not afriad to discuss ALL sides of an issue.