Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


David that is a $ 24 thousand question and I’m sure law enforcement have the answer. But in short anything that is offensive to others can be violent. Sure one can take violent to the limit. An example: No offense Mr. Trump but saying in nation TV grabing someone by the ying yang can be a form of violent or violent behavior or could one say a potty mouth is an extreme circumstance or how people treat others with come on threats as in some of these sex offender ordeals. One has a giver and a receiver via that internet device and when Government say I want you to talk dirty to me or come down. Who justify’s who’s law?

Now I can’t say anymore or I will get in trouble by Sandy or Maestro but basically its man ploting to overthow man by these undercover tactics to cause him or her to stumble and trip over his carnal nature up when they are just as carna. Controling one’s sexual needs or activities are good but via an internet device is not the way to actually go about it, or should we all say put up our dukes. And believe it or not I can be wrong about everything.