Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact

James Coghill

This is a very important post for those fighting the registry in court. I read a book about 7 years ago on the sex offender phenomenon. I don’t remember the title and I must have loaned the book out because I can’t find the book and the court decision in my library. But here’s the important point it made. During the days of prohibition California had a registry of murderers mandated by state law. Just like the sex offender registry the scope of the murderer registry was increased to include a separate registry in every major city in California. Not unlike the Federal Registry and the individual state registries. You can imagine the mess and court cases this murderer registry created. Ultimately the California Supreme Court ruled that it was double jeopardy for the state and the various cities of California to maintain multiple murderer registries which forced the cities of California to eliminate their local murderer registries. This is a situation not unlike the multiple sex offender registries of the various states and the single registry of the Fed. Which means that our current system is duplicitous and a violation of the Bill of Rights against double jeopardy. I mention this story in the hope it might be useful to a legal team somewhere.