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obvious answers

America is a moral mess of pretend righteous. Anything to allow for burnings, and angry protests..Any excuse to ignore the man in the mirror by crucifying the other guy..
I have three true story’s all of which high lite the ignorance of America and the populations determination to stay in willful ignorance.

1st.. A dark,stormy night my daughters ran out of their room in terrified panic because a man in dark clothes was stalking them from window to window from bathroom to bedroom as they changed their clothes.This man not only had no shame for his behavior but was very intrusive pressing his face against the window and making sure he missed nothing..
Who was he? A Michigan police state trooper.911 was called and he was confronted. When chased off the property not only was he not apologetic but threatened me!! He was reported to the police investigations unit and to the state police department and persecuting attorneys office..
End result? A letter from the government with the raised seal of the state of Michigan and Governor signatory stating it is perfectly acceptable behavior for a police.. It is acceptable for a police to do what anyone else would go to prison and be registered for life as a sex offender for because of course its only the home of a household with a registered sex offender .. we all know them and there family are a lower class of citizen and not protected under the law anyways right?
2. I am a medically trained rescue person. I carry my medbag with me at all times and have often came across vehicle accidents,fires and other tragedy’s that have required immediate assistance.I am also a registered sex offender foe having concessional sex with a minor i met in a bar over 20 years ago.
There was a house fire in the dead of winter and a lady was trapped in the house the family was waiting outside and the smoke was to thick and the fire department had yet to arrive. I took a wet blanket went into the house, brought the women out,who had collapsed in the living room from smoke inhalation. After getting her out of the house the fire department had just arrived. they took over the cpr and she was resuscitated.
That family has kids that go to the same school as my kids. My daughter came home crying a week later because the women I had risked my life to save was heard joking in the school with the other parents that if she knew it was a registered sex offender that saved her life she would have rather died to see me die with her..
3. my wife who is an international attorney and currently a foreign judge.She has served 8 years as a prosecuting attorney,10 as a defense attorney and currently is in the judiciary.She has traveled between county’s with no issues her whole life.she has had her passports and visas long before marrying me, and has never had any issues. She has gave many speeches in America for women’s rights and justice.She had her passport destroyed and her visa by the United States government, she was harassed and groped at the airport by tsa and ice, placed in handcuff’s, publicly escorted (after giving her many bruises and stealing her possessions) to an airplane, forced to sign documents under duress with many threats and intimidation then deported. my son is an American child and he is stranded on foreign soil right now because the American government protects everything except its own children.

The list goes on folks.. these are all true verified and not even the worst of storys.. it has nothing to do with being a “registered sex offender” That is just the new fad excuse for legal abuse.. they treated commies, blacks, irish, japs, Chinese, Italian,bible readers and witches the same way.. its just horrible people behaving in a horrible manner.,